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The next level of Sales Enablement & Customer Engagement


Build more engaging content for your customers and prospects; Give your sales time the right tools to engage your target audience with powerful presentations or documents. The integration of HTML content into ExplainerBox will allow your creative team & agencies to easily build interactive content.

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ExplainerBox contains a lot of interactive tools to help your content designers, and developers to maximize the engagement level of your customers. It’s very easy to integrate these tools into your content (Video Player, Web Player, Pen Tool, Calculator, Survey, forms… etc). Our Customer Support Portal contains a full documentation which you can share with your team or agency.


Easy to use management portal to manage E-Detailing Users, Content, and Materials; Your team will be able to control everything & effectively manage the sale force, customers, and marketing materials. The management portal packed up with full documentation & videos to help you.

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Use analytics, and reports to track the performance of your campaigns, and team. Generate and save default reports easily from the dashboard, or create your own custom reports. Schedule reports to be sent to your e-mail address on specific period of time. ExplainerBox also support the tracking of any custom events such as (Location, Clicks, Drag, Survey, Forms… etc).

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For the next level of Sales Enablement & Customer Engagement.

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Developer Accounts?

Are you a developer, or agency who works with clients on Explainer Box to create content. Open a Sandbox developer account to be able to test your content internally before being shipped to the customer. Up to 10 accounts

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